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Our Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team is led by Rev. Peter and Pastor Florence Kamau. Together with the strategic helpers, this team is decicated to do the work of shepherding the flock of Christ and nurturing the gifts and callings within the flock.

Rev. Peter Kamau

Senior Pastor.
Rev. Peter Kamau is a minister of the gospel, family man, author, counseling psychologist and an entrepreneur based in Kenya. He serves God under the apostolic umbrella of Destiny Ministries International and its worship arm, Destiny Worship Centre - entities pioneered by Bishop Titus Mbai and Rev. Jaminah Mbai. He is married to Pastor Florence N. Kamau and they are blessed with 2 children, Ephraim and Grace.

On 8th September 1998 while in prayer and fasting in a remote village of his birth and upbringing, God appeared to Peter in an audible voice that He has called him with a local and global mandate in the Kingdom. The Lord specified even the number of nations and amazing details unfolded that hot Tuesday afternoon (finer details withheld). Based on the prevailing situation then, this Word looked oddly placed for there were more able men in His team and with better family backgrounds but God continued to confirm this Word in camps and conventions in diverse ways. The seed of God kept growing under the care of different servants of God as the season demanded.

After his graduation in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option), Peter was to later to abandon his career and concentrate on full-time Ministry. The season began with dynamic evangelistic outreaches in western Kenya and on to the Nations. As the calling has continued to unfold, his 17 years of full-time ministry to the body of Christ has been clearly demonstrated by fruits of growth and establishment.

Peter has this five-fold mandate to the body of Christ:

1). Equipping the body of Christ for Ministry.

2). Discipleship of Nations.

3). Equip and lead the church into prophetic intercession.

4). Equip and lead the church to the ripe harvest fields.

5). Ambassador for the rebirth of a new Africa.

Pastor Florence Kamau

Senior Pastor.
Pastor Florence Kamau is a dedicated family woman, counselor, conference speaker, experienced banker, and a certified Human Resource Professional and Consultant. She has been used by the Lord to minister in ladies' conferences with very significant results as well as minister to young couples on Marriage pillars of growth and development. As a market place person, she has contributed a lot to the empowerment of those entering the job market in terms of branding and capacity development.

In conjunction with OPTIMAL HUMAN CAPITAL LTD, she has been able to conduct seminars and training in the corporate on Human Resource empowerment and other related disciplines. She is a seasoned mentor in the areas of Kingdom service, Market place and Excellence. Her call in God began those early days in AIC church where she got saved and served as a youth chair lady and Sunday school teacher for 8 years. This was propelled further in her college life where she was intensively involved in missions and served as the Christian Union Mom.

She also met Rev. Peter Kamau during her college life as they served God together. Since then, she has continued to grow and mature in her calling under the Apostolic covering of their spiritual parents Bishop Titus Mbai and Rev. Jaminah Mbai of Destiny Ministries International.

Florence looks forward to being a blessing to you in Destiny Worship Centre - The Tatu Chapel. You are welcome to invite her to your church, ministry, corporate, college, etc. as the Lord leads.

Our Strategic Helpers

This is a group of six families that help the Seniour Pastors with shepherding responsibilities. The team helps in making sure that the life of God is flowing in the flock as well as administration and oversight of the annual calendar of events. It's clear that no leader can make it without helpers on both sides (...and Aaron and Hur supoported his hands, one on one side and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. Exo 17:12)

Strategic Helpers Team

Leaders and Associates